Leo Lynch, Mary Athena's grandfather, was the first man in Sydney to sell flowers- it was his life. Leo came to Australia from Greece in 1913, just before the First World War. He landed in Freemantle and his travels took him right around Australia before settling in Sydney.

A kind gesture to an elderly woman started his career as a flower seller, which ended in the establishment of Leo Lynch and his sons, a thriving business by the time he passed away in 1996. As Leo had settled with his wife Despina in Kensington, that was where their business became based. Bill and John, Leo's two sons, became partners in the business and continued the family tradition.

John's daughter is Mary and she has continued the family business into its third generation, providing beautiful flowers that her grandfather and father would have been proud of.

One of her sales assistants often quotes "Mary was born with a flower in her hand!" with her commitment to the family business and her love for flowers. Mary grew up spending all her time at the flower markets, learning the trade, and increasing her love for all types of flowers and the industry.

Today, Mary Athena Floral Design has received many awards for her constant ability in her third generation business, one being the Excellence in retail award, presented to her by the Randwick mayor, Dominic Sullivan.

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